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The League Of Thousandaires

Yeah, I could buy that, but I don't want to

The League of Thousandaires
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This community is for THOUSANDAIRES, meaning you have more than 1,000 dollars in your bank account or cash holdings. While millionaires and billionaires will count their equity and assests (cars, property, value of stuff they own), thousandaires only count CASH MONEY. Being a thousandaire is the first step to growing your wealth, and hopefully you can soon be a MULTI-THOUSANDAIRE.

In the community you can talk about things you COULD buy, but won't because you want to stay a THOUSANDAIRE. Someone wiser than me said "A Thousandaire could put a down payment on just about anything in reason". Of course there are alot of good events in a THOUSANDAIRES lifestyle, like tax returns, christmas time, birthdays, graduations, ect. that boost a thousandaire status, and we can all celebrate.